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Are you a veteran entitled to disability benefits? Are you concerned about the future of your VA (Veterans Affairs) benefits? The increased cost of living has led to financial stress and worry for many veterans who depend on their VA benefits and many want to know – will VA disability benefits increase in 2023? Losavio & DeJean, LLC and our team of attorneys is here to help ensure you get the benefits you deserve as a veteran in the Baton Rouge area.

What Will VA Disability Rates Be in 2023?

Veterans Affairs disability benefits are expected to increase by an estimated 10.5% in 2023 due to the annual cost-of-living adjustment. The increase in disability benefits will take effect on December 1, 2022. Individuals who are seeking benefits for the first time and are unsure where to begin can schedule a FREE consultation with the Losavio & DeJean, LLC Legal Team to kickstart the process. Your VA benefits will vary based on your disability rating provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs and your dependent status.

Estimated 2023 VA Disability Benefits and Rates

Single with No DependentsEstimated 2023 Rate – Per Month
10% Disability$168.67
20% Disability$333.42
30% Disability$516.47
40% Disability$743.97
50% Disability$1,059.08
60% Disability$1,341.50
70% Disability$1,690.59
80% Disability$1,965.17
90% Disability$2,208.36
100% Disability$3,681.93
Married with One ChildEstimated 2023 Rate – Per Month
30% Disability$622.55
40% Disability$885.41
50% Disability$1,235.88
60% Disability$1,554.77
70% Disability$1,939.22
80% Disability$2,249.15
90% Disability$2,527.71
100% Disability$4,037.55
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How Does the VA Determine a Disability Rate?

Your VA benefits correlate to your disability rating and it is not an automatic or guaranteed benefit when you retire from the military. To determine your disability rating and compensation benefits, you must first schedule an appointment with the Department of Veterans Affairs after your retirement. Your disability rating and compensation will be based on many factors – medical disability status, marital status, number of dependents and more. 

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Are you a veteran with disability benefits? You may want to know – will VA disability benefits increase in 2023? Find out with this quick overview provided by Losavio & DeJean, LLC and contact us with your questions about tax services and more!