Baton Rouge Retirement Tax Planning Attorney

Minimize Tax Implications for Your Retirement Accounts

A comprehensive estate plan is one that not only looks out for your family’s interests after you’re gone, but also your interests while you’re still here. For many retirees or those approaching retirement, planning their taxes during for this part of life can seem overly complicated and difficult to manage on their own. When you need help, the attorneys of Losavio & DeJean, LLC, are there.

Our attorneys work closely with out with our clients to help them establish personalized strategies to help them lessen the impact that taxes will have on them during retirement. For more than 40 years, we’ve been the go-to legal service provider for people looking toward retirement who want to avoid paying more in taxes than necessary. We’ll help you make sense of your situation as we take steps to help you feel more confident and at ease about retirement.

Which Kinds of Tax Should I Know about?

Unfortunately, retirement doesn’t mean you’re free of tax liability, and taxes may play an even larger role in your life than ever before.

The three main kinds of tax that retirees should be aware of come from:

  • Retirement Account Withdrawals: If you have a tax-deferred retirement account, any withdrawals you make will be taxed.
  • Income Tax: “Retirement” doesn’t always mean you’re not working. Many retirees bring in some form of taxable income from a new job or profitable hobby.
  • Capital Gains Tax: Selling your home, stocks, bonds, or other property will incur a tax against your profit.

Because the tax code is a complicated and sometimes convoluted entity to navigate, speaking with your retirement tax planning attorney in Baton Rouge is the best you can understand how retirement can impact your tax liability.