Submit a Claim for Veteran’s Benefits

To help veterans and the widow(er)s of veterans obtain veteran’s benefits, your attorney must be accredited with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). At Losavio & DeJean, LLC, all of our disability law attorneys in Baton Rouge are accredited with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

We can help you apply for the Improved Pension Program, which comes with a special monthly pension (SMP). There are three types of SMPs, all of which are designed to help with necessary health care costs

These SMPs include:

  • Low-income pension
  • Housebound benefits
  • Aid and Attendance benefits

Our veteran benefits attorneys can help you determine your eligibility and can guide you throughout the process of applying for these benefits. We are an elder law and special needs planning firm for seniors and families and persons with disabilities, and we are committed to providing veterans with compassionate, empathetic, and specialized legal representation.

Veteran Benefits: The Top 6 Myths

1. Veteran* must be injured during wartime: The veteran must have served 90 days, or more, of active military service, with at least one day during wartime. 

2. Having too much income: If a veteran can show that his or her unreimbursed medical expenses equal or exceed his or her monthly income, he or she may be entitled to the maximum benefit. 

3. Having too much in assets: With planning, it may be possible to meet the asset requirement. 

4. You must be bedridden to receive benefits: You need only to be disabled or in need of daily assistance. 

5. If you are a widow and less than 65, then you don’t qualify: There is no spousal age requirement. 

6. Advisor said you did not qualify: Check with us and see if you qualify. The consultation is free. Our Services Include:

 Veteran Benefits and Medicaid Planning 

We can help you pursue your hardearned service benefits. Those who qualify may receive taxfree income and provide security for themselves and their family. Veterans’ benefits may protect your assets from the expense of long term care, prevent the loss of inheritance to children, and provide peace of mind. Applications for Benefits Applying for benefits can be confusing and frustrating. Our goal is to guide you through the application maze. If you are denied your benefits for several months or a year, what is the cost to you and your family? Our Five Point Review We offer an in-depth review in the following areas: 

1. VA Planning – Planning to help you qualify for VA Benefits. 

2. Income Tax Planning – Attempting to reduce the taxes on transactions, such as transfer of home. 

3. Life Care Planning – Planning to obtain the best quality life and care available. 

4. Medicaid Planning – Working to reverse disqualification from transfers to obtain VA approval. 5. Estate Planning – Plan for your heirs to receive their inheritance.