Louisiana is the only state to enact the law to allow unregulated companies to profit off the benefit claims of disabled American veterans.

Under federal law, it is illegal for anyone without VA accreditations, including licensed attorneys, to assist veterans in filing out their disability claims. Getting the accreditation involves a background check, written exam, and continuing education to ensure the applicant can navigate the claim system and represent the veterans and appeals. Also according to federal law, it is illegal for even an accredited advisor to charge veterans for assisting with their disability claims.

The bill allows unaccredited Consultants to charge up to $12,500 for disability forms.

Unknown to many veterans, such advice is free from attorneys who are accredited advisors and veterans service organizations such  as the American Legions and the VFW.

All the attorneys at Losavio and Dejean are accredited advisors by the Veterans Administration and will assist veterans for free in filling out their forms to obtain monthly cash benefits from the  United States Department of Veterans Affairs for any service connected disability.

Please call 225-769-4200 to talk to a VA accredited attorney to assist you in filling out your VA claim form for free.