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Are you 65 or older? Do you need medical coverage or long-term care? Medicaid may be the solution for you – but how do you apply for Medicaid? Should you hire a lawyer to apply for Medicaid? Losavio & DeJean, LLC is here to help you navigate the Medicaid application process with more than 40 years of experience with elder law in the Baton Rouge area.

How To Apply for Medicaid in Louisiana

The Medicaid application process can be difficult to navigate and is made even more difficult when you apply for long-term care. An elder law attorney at Losavio & DeJean, LLC can help simplify the process and streamline your application to ensure you receive the health benefits that you need. 

Apply for Medicaid in Louisiana with three steps. Losavio & DeJean, LLC will help you choose the Medicaid options that best suit your needs when you file your application.

  1. Contact the Louisiana Medicaid Agency – Contact the Louisiana Department of Health for a Medicaid application and download the online application that is available via the Health Insurance Marketplace. You must be a resident of the state to apply for Medicaid.
  2. Choose a Health Plan and Doctor – When you fill out your Medicaid application, you will need to choose a health plan and a doctor that fits your lifestyle and needs.
  3. Select Benefits and Services – Like most medical insurance plans, you will need to choose your benefits and services via Medicaid. Select the health services that you need for your life.
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Do I Qualify for Medicaid in Louisiana?

A key question that we get at Losavio & DeJean, LLC is – do I qualify for Medicaid in Louisiana? It is a question that we are happy to answer and here is a quick list of guidelines that may make you eligible for Medicaid coverage.

  • You Receive Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security Administration
  • You Receive Financial Help from the Office of Family Support
  • You Are Disabled According to the Social Security Administration
  • You Have Corrected Vision Worse Than 20/200
  • You Are a Low-Income Parent of Children Under 19
  • You Are a Child Under 19
  • You Are Pregnant
  • You Need Treatment for Breast Cancer or Cervical Cancer with No Insurance
  • You Receive Medicare Coverage and Are a Low Income Household
  • You Are 19 – 64 and Have a Low-Income Household and Meet Citizenship Guidelines
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Should you hire a lawyer to apply for Medicaid? You don’t have to – but an elder law attorney, like Losavio & DeJean, LLC, can help you navigate the complicated application process and get the benefits you need. Contact the Losavio & DeJean, LLC Team today for a FREE consultation on estate planning, VA benefits and more!