affidavit of cremation

Today we’re going to talk about two important documents called an affidavit of cremation and an affidavit of burial. We’ve all heard horror stories on TV about family members fighting in funeral homes over whether or not their love one who is passed away should be cremated or what type of arrangement should be done. In order prevent conflicts with family members, we include in our power of attorney package these two affidavits. By having an affidavit cremation, this is an enforceable document that allows the funeral home to rely on it to enforce your intent to be cremated. Also, by having an affidavit of burial this allows you to appoint a specific individual to fulfill your intent in what you want to have done as far as services and any of the decisions required for your services or burial. If you have any questions about affidavits of burial or affidavit of cremation, or any other documents regarding powers of attorney, please feel free to contact us at 225-769-4200.