Nursing home equipment

The answer to the question is complicated.  Does the person going in the nursing home have an intent to return the home in the event they could leave the nursing home? If the person has an intent to return to the home, then it is considered to be a non-resource.

Therefore, the person can keep the home and qualify for Medicaid. However, if no one else is living in the home, there’s the issue of how the maintenance, insurance, taxes, and utilities are going to be paid on the home. Then when the person who owns the home passes away, the Louisiana department of hospitals will seek recovery for the nursing home expenses, hospitalization charges, drug expenses, at home Community waiver expenses paid for the Medicaid recipient.

If there’s a surviving spouse, they will postpone the recovery until the surviving spouse passes away. There are strategies to prevent you from losing your home to the Louisiana Department of Hospitals. To protect your home from the Estate recovery, contact Losavio and DeJean at 225-769-4200