elder law

As individuals age, they may have to deal with various issues related to their finances, healthcare, and housing. However, navigating these issues alone can become an overwhelming and stressful ordeal. Fortunately, you and your loved ones do not have to take on these matters alone. Elder law is a type of law that focuses on the legal needs of aging populations. As a result, elder law lawyers are trained to handle these types of matters, provide guidance and support, and assist individuals in navigating these legal issues with a team of professionals who are there to support them.

Types of Elder Law

Elder law lawyers are known to handle a variety of legal matters. However, some of the more major areas these lawyers deal with include the following:

Long-Term Care Planning

As people get older, they may need additional help with certain activities, including personal hygiene and even dressing. Long-term care planning can help provide these services.

Working with an elder law attorney can help individuals learn more about the options they have when it comes to long-term care planning while also ensuring they plan for the costs involved, including long-term health insurance.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves creating a comprehensive plan for the proper distribution of property and assets after a person passes away. In general, a comprehensive estate plan involves critical documents such as trusts, a Last Will and Testament, healthcare directives, and power of attorney. When you work with an elder law attorney, these legal professionals can review all of these options with you and determine which documents would work best to fulfill your wishes.


If a person becomes incapacitated and can no longer handle their own affairs, they may require assistance with certain types of decisions regarding their personal and financial matters. However, an elder law lawyer can assist families in petitioning for guardianship/conservatorship/curatorship to ensure loved ones receive the protection they need.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is a government-funded program aimed at providing healthcare coverage to low-income individuals, including many older adults. However, each of these programs has its own rules and complex eligibility requirements. As a result, one unexplained expense can result in a disqualifying factor. That is why many individuals turn to an elder law attorney to help with not only the application process but also to devise strategies that help individuals qualify for Medicaid benefits while preserving their assets and property.

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Most elder law attorneys handle a variety of legal matters that affect older or disabled individuals. These matters include legal issues related to:

  • Social Security
  • Retirement
  • Long-term care planning
  • Health care
  • Estate planning
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Financial planning
  • End-of-life planning
  • Nursing home facility requirements
  • Elder abuse

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