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In Louisiana, seniors have many options when it comes to their living situation as they age, from home sharing to setting up roots in new communities that provide a full range of support services. However, the issue that individuals run into with these choices is that they simply wait too long to make plans, which can limit their options. That is why it is important that seniors do not wait until an emergency arises to find care or housing. 

In the guide below, we will review some of these housing options and explain why planning ahead can be so critical for older adults and their loved ones. 

Aging In Place

As people age, they often desire to stay in their own homes so they can maintain their independence for as long as possible. This is known as “aging in place.” However, for those looking to go down this road as they get older, it is recommended that they plan ahead. By doing so, they can make important decisions while they are still able, such as installing modifications in the home to ensure that it will be safe and comfortable as they age.

Living With Kids

It is not uncommon for a parent to move in with an adult child as they age. While some people may not agree with this arrangement, in certain situations, it can be beneficial for everyone involved. For instance, it can help reduce living expenses and babysitting costs, and seniors can benefit from living in an active household to combat loneliness. However, it is crucial to establish clear guidelines from the beginning to ensure that everyone has the same expectations about communal living, personal space, and bill sharing.

House Sharing

If you are a senior who prefers not to live with a family member, you might want to consider renting out space with another senior. This is known as home sharing, and it can provide similar financial benefits without the complicated relationship dynamics that can come with moving in with your child. This is often an excellent opportunity for seniors who still own a home, as they can find a housemate and receive assistance in covering some of their living expenses and bills. 

A Retirement Community 

A retirement community is a residential community designed for elderly adults who cannot always care for themselves. Depending on the community, seniors may receive assistance from home care agencies for their needs, and the facilities may also provide activities and opportunities for socialization. Typically, these communities have age restrictions or qualifications for residents, such as requiring them to be partially or fully retired. In addition, the community may offer shared services or amenities.

Nursing Home

If seniors require more round-the-clock assistance and supervision, a nursing home may be a better option. In these facilities, staff will often provide residents with 24/7 care and assist with medication needs, personal care, therapies, and rehabilitation. Although nursing homes are usually a more costly option, they are undoubtedly worth it, especially if senior care becomes too challenging for a family or friends caregiver. 

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