Federal benefits are available to just over 18 million U.S. veterans, according to the United States Census Bureau. However, what about state benefits?

Each U.S. state offers additional benefits for veterans and their families, including education and training programs as well as military pay tax exemptions. Louisiana is no different.

veterans benefits louisiana

The 283,000 veterans living in the state of Louisiana can enjoy numerous benefits and exemptions, with the Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs serving veterans across 74 parishes. 

Keep reading to learn four things about veteran benefits in Louisiana.

1. Military and Combat Pay Exemptions

In Louisiana, veterans’ combat pay (such as hazardous duty pay) are not only exempt from federal taxation but also any Louisiana state taxation.  Additionally, military retirement benefits are exempt from state taxation as well. 

2. Homestead Exemptions

Qualifying Louisiana veterans may also receive homestead tax benefits, helping to protect their homes’ value. For example, qualifying veterans may receive a homestead tax exemption applying to the first $7,500 in the home’s assessed value.

Additionally, Louisiana disabled veterans or the families of those service members killed in action may receive special property tax exemptions. These eligible veterans or beneficiaries may receive an additional $7,500 exemption in addition to the homestead exemption.

To find out if you qualify for these exemptions, you can contact your local parish’s veterans service office or a qualified Louisiana veterans benefits attorney.

3. Education and Training Program Assistance

Louisiana veterans may also take advantage of state-offered education assistance programs for:

  • Spouses of deceased veterans
  • Children of veterans with a 90% or more service-connected disability rating
  • Children of veterans with a 100% or more service-connected disability rating because of unemployability

Eligible spouses and children may be exempt from paying tuition for any of the following:

  • Universities
  • State colleges
  • Trade or vocational schools

Note that under this program, the eligible spouse or child must pay any student-fees.  These fees aren’t exempt under Louisiana’s program.  Additionally, this exemption is available for any four-year program (which must be completed within five years).

4. Financial Hardship Assistance

Financial hardship assistance is another Louisiana veteran benefit provided under the Military Family Assistance Fund (MFA).  Veterans and active-duty members experiencing financial hardship may qualify for up to $10,000 annually per veteran or active-duty member.

Louisiana veterans or active-duty members may use this financial assistance for the following expenses:

  • Household expenses such as rent, mortgage, or repairs on a primary residence
  • Vehicle expenses such as car payments, insurance, and certain major vehicle repairs
  • Utility expenses such as electricity, gas, or sewage
  • Some medical expenses

Here are some expenses that are not eligible:

  • Credit card bills
  • Income property expenses
  • Home improvements 
  • Legal expenses
  • Cable or internet expenses
  • Cosmetic procedures

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