Although the term elder law is frequently mentioned, many people are unaware of its meaning or importance. That is why in the below guide, we will go over in detail what you need to know about elder law and how this type of law can impact you and your loved one’s futures. 

elder law

What Is Elder Law?

According to the National Elder Law Foundation (NELF), elder law is defined as the legal practice of counseling and legally representing older individuals or those with special needs regarding their legal aspects of long-term care planning and health, surrogate decisions, public benefits, legal capacity, and the conservation and administration of estates. It also involves implementing decisions related to the tax consequences of certain actions.

Put in simpler terms, elder law is an umbrella term for legal professionals who practice in a wide range of areas of law as they relate to senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. These areas typically include the following:

  • Health planning
  • Personal care planning
  • Legal planning, including Last Wills and Testaments, trusts, etc.
  • Legal capacity counseling
  • Public benefits
  • Fiduciary representation
  • Special needs
  • Insurance issues
  • Housing issues
  • Employment advice
  • Retirement advice
  • Resident rights advocacy
  • Senior counseling

Why Should You Care About Elder Law in Louisiana?

Elder law helps protect the vulnerable population. It allows families to plan for the future and figure out care for their elderly loved ones and other family members, especially when they will no longer be around to help them. Furthermore, elder law can also help with estate planning, end-of-life care decisions for seniors, and incapacity planning. It can also assist seniors who are trying to remain in their homes as they age and protect them from abuse.

As you or your loved ones get older, the standard of care you receive is critical. Making plans in advance to ensure that these needs and desires are satisfied can give everyone peace of mind about the future. That is why working with an experienced Louisiana elder law attorney is so important. These legal professionals can make this planning process stress-free while doing everything possible to preserve your and your family’s well-being. 

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