trust protection

The best way to describe a trust is that it is a fortress that we help build to protect your hard-earned assets what you’ve worked so hard for to acquire during your life, to protect you from the four big bad wolves. The first big bad wolf we worry about is creditors. What will happen if someone files suit against you because maybe you hit someone in a car accident, someone has a legal issue with you, or let’s say you go to the hospital and run up a large amount of debt that is not covered by insurance. A trust would be a mechanism by which we could protect you from creditors. The second big bad wolf is predators. You’ll be noticing that right now you’re getting phone calls from the Jamaican lottery or you’re getting phone calls from these persons that are wanting to take your money. Scam artists. Right now you’re probably telling people that you’re not interested and you cut them off. The problem is when you begin to lose some capacity a lot of times people become more gullible by having your property and trust we can protect you from these predators. The third big bad wolf is the government. By placing your property into trust for three years, you can qualify for important benefits called “veteran’s benefits,” aid in attendance, or can also help qualify for Medicaid to help pay for your long-term care in the nursing home. The fourth big bad wolf is those ungrateful children or those greedy relatives that may be interested in scooping up your estate after you pass away. By placing your property in trusts, this will eliminate the problems with having to do a succession because you will designate specifically who is going to get these items and you prohibit fines. If you have any questions about trust, please feel free to call our office at 225-769-4200. Thank you!