The Unexpected Costs the Derail your Retirement Plans

Retiring successfully is more than a number in investment savings. You can even exceed your investment goals and end up destitute because of unforeseen costs and catastrophic events, such as devastating illness and long-term care. The unforeseen beneficiaries of your years of hard work and savings are the doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and the state of Louisiana.

A fully protected retirement plan involves protecting you and your spouse from the two biggest risks to your retirement security, which are catastrophic medical expenses and long-term care. In addition, most people want to leave something behind for their loved ones and not have their house go to the State of Louisiana.

Unfortunately, this asset protection planning is often overlooked by financial advisors, who are solely focused on one goal, to stash away as much money as possible. It is usually after retirement that many realize the deficiency in their planning and their money may not be sufficient to maintain their life style.

There are solutions to this danger. An asset protection trust is one strategy that will preserve your retirement savings and your legacy to your heirs. Our custom designed specialized trust allows you to maintain control over the assets and the income for life. When you pass away, the assets go to your heirs without any court proceedings. However, it must be done five years in advance to protect the assets from the government.

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