Social Security Disability: My Cousin Got It. Why Can’t I?

Persons that apply for Social Security benefits often become frustrated when they are denied. They are particularly frustrated when they feel that their relatives or friends received benefits so easily while they themselves have been denied.

Persons should be careful to avoid comparing their cases to the cases of others.

1. All cases are different! Every case has a unique set of facts and evidence.

Different claimants have different kinds and levels of disabilities. It is almost impossible to

attempt to compare one case to another.

2. The decision-makers are different! Different fact-finders with the Social Security

Administration may view cases differently. They may have a different opinion on credibility or

evidence submitted.

Rather than focusing on other cases, more time, money, and effort should be utilized to develop and present your own case to the Social Security Administration.

If you have any questions concerning Social Security benefits, you should consult an experienced Social Security attorney.