Reasons to Update Your Will

It is important to remember that persons shouldn’t just execute their wills, store them, and not worry about them. Wills should always be updated. Otherwise, there can be an absurd result regarding your estate when you die if your will hasn’t been updated.

The following are some examples of significant events in your life for which you should consult an attorney to update your will:

  1. You got married;
  2. Someone named in your will has died;
  3. You had a child;
  4. Your spouse or legatees have become disabled; or
  5. You got divorced.

Even if no significant events in your life have occurred, it is still good practice to meet with your attorney every five (5) years to update your will. The reason you should regularly consult with your attorney regarding updating your will is that your assets can significantly change even in a brief period of time. Also, your relationships can change significantly over time. If your assets or relationships have changed, you may want to update your will to change who gets what.

If you have any questions regarding updating your will, you should consult an experienced estate attorney.