Tips In Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

  1. Be Honest. You should never make a false or inaccurate statement on an application for Social Security Disability Benefits. Making false or inaccurate statements can result in criminal sanctions and civil responsibility.
  2. Be Accurate. You should always carefully, accurately and in detail explain your answers on an application. Many answers cannot be answered simply by checking yes or no. It is important to explain your situation if you don’t fit neatly into either category. For example, you may be able to cook for yourself. But, you are only able to prepare light meals which do not require any significant lifting, planning or preparing. It is important to accurately explain your answers.
  3. Be Complete. You should always be cooperative in obtaining information and completing all forms provided to you. It is important to remember that the Social Security staff and personnel have no knowledge of your disability. It is up to you to present your case.
  4. Get evidence. You should never assume that anyone else is obtaining your medical records and proof. You should order and obtain your own evidence to ensure that it will be considered.
  5. Get help. You should get the assistance of family and friends as well as retain an attorney if you have any questions or feel you are unable to handle the application by yourself.

If you have any questions concerning Social Security disability benefits, you should contact an experienced Social Security disability attorney.