Do I Need an Attorney to Prepare My Will?

The legal answer is no. There is no law that requires that you hire an attorney to draft your will.

However, there are several bad things that can happen if you don’t.

Louisiana law requires that wills be in certain forms. If the will you write is not in proper form, the court will not recognize it.

The language you use in your self-prepared will may be imprecise. The language you use may be confusing or open to different interpretations. This may make your self-prepared will subject to being litigated or contested by your heirs and/or legatees.

What you are providing for in your will may not be allowed by state law or does not exist under state law. The court may be unable to comply with what you want to do in your will because it is prohibited.

Your will may not provide for contingencies (“What If’s”?). Without legal representation, you may not be aware of things that can happen that will change who you want to get your estate.

If you have any questions about wills, contact an experienced estate planning attorney.