Beware of Writing Your Own Will!

Louisiana law does recognize handwritten wills (olographic wills) as long as they meet the form requirements. Olographic wills must be handwritten entirely in the handwriting of the person who made the will. It must be signed by him at the bottom of the will and dated.

This is a cheap and easy option for writing a will. However, there are problems with handwritten wills. These potential problems include:

  1. Handwritten wills can be more easily contested. Whether this is your handwriting or not can be challenged. Different experts may have different opinions as to whether it is your handwriting.
  2. What you want to happen in your will may be prohibited or not provided for under Louisiana law.
  3. Your language used may be imprecise. This can lead to different interpretations as to what you meant in your will and can lead to costly litigation.

Litigation can be costly. If you want to ensure that your intentions are followed after you die, you should take the time, money and effort to do it right. You should contact an experienced estate planning attorney.