Living Will vs. Advance Medical Directive

Hi I'm Peter Losavio, Certified Elder Law Attorney to discuss the difference between a living will and advance medical directive.

A living will is an advance medical directive. However, it is very limited because it only applies to life-sustaining procedures at end-of-life. A living will only applies in the limited situation when you have an incurable injury, disease, or illness or be in a continual profound comatose state with no reasonable chance of recovery which is certified to be a terminal and irreversible condition such that death will occur whether a life-sustaining procedure is utilized or not.

Advance Medical directives encompass all future medical treatment, if you are incapacitated or not be able to express your wishes, or make decisions. This can occur because of an accident, stroke, coma, or dementia. Advanced medical directives will cover a wide variety of medical procedures and treatments such as surgery, medications, mechanical ventilation, do not resuscitate and feeding tube. Our copyrighted Advanced Medical derivative covers twenty different medical procedures and treatment in at least eight different situations. The advance medical directive must be coupled with a health care power of attorney and a living will to be complete.

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