Three Reasons Why You Should Have an Advanced Medical Directive

Hello, my name is Kent DeJean and I'm an attorney and law partner at Losavio & DeJean.

Today we're going to talk about an important document in our lifecare planning documents called an advanced medical directive. An advanced medical directive is the instruction manual on how you want particular medical treatment in particular medical situations. 

For example, if you are in a vegetative state and you have no chance of regaining any higher-level functioning no matter what is done. Do you want to have chemotherapy or do you want to have CPR? These are important decisions that you want to be made known to your family. This document provides us with three important advantages.

Number one, it allows you to control your own medical treatment, which is very important. Number two: It takes away those emotional decisions from your family so they don't have to make that decision. And thirdly and very importantly, this helps prevent the fighting in the hospital. That way, no one is fighting about what you would want to have done because you're clearly announcing what you want to have done in that document.

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