Free Living Will

Life and death decisions are best left to you. But the only way you can maintain control over the crucial decision of withdrawing life support is through a living will. If you fail to make a living will and end up on life support, then deciding whether or not to take you off will fall to your family and the courts. The following two cases show the different results that can occur when a person does not have a living will.

Case Examples

In the first case, Jahi McMath, 13, was declared brain-dead, the result of complications after surgery to correct a sleeping disorder. For a while, Jahi’s parents fought successfully to keep a hospital in Oakland, California, from shutting off the ventilator.

The second case, in Fort Worth, is a polar opposite. There, Marlise Muñoz, 33, was declared brain-dead after collapsing with a blood clot while 14-weeks pregnant. Her family wished to have the ventilator turned off, but the hospital refused, citing a state law that required life-sustaining measures for pregnant women. Finally, a judge ordered the removal of life support. On January 26, Ms. Muñoz’s heart stopped.

Take Control of Your Future Today

When the courts get involved, the person and/ or the family lose control over dying with dignity. Unfortunately, some families get into heated fights at the bedside of loved ones battling for their lives. Take Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of late singer Whitney Houston, who was found face down in a bathtub. The people within her famous family engaged in a major legal fight and public arguments. Ultimately, they have no control over their fate.

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