Tips On Wills

Don’t Copy Will! Many people make copies of their will to distribute to family members. This is not advised. It is important to remember that it is very possible and likely that one day you may wish to change your will or renounce your will. Family members could attempt to probate a copy of the will which you changed or intentionally destroyed to revoke it.

Don’t hide the fact that you have a will! For some cultural reason, there is a misconception that wills are a big secret that no one is to know about. Sometimes people that execute wills never even tell others that they have a will. This is a mistake because that secret executed will may never be found. It is important to remember that the contents are will can be secret but, the fact you have a will should never be secret. You should be very public about the fact that you have a will with family members and friends and let them know where the original is in a safe and secure place, is located.

Update your will! There is another misconception that wills are set in concrete forever. This is another mistake. Wills should be reviewed every couple of years to make sure that they are properly updated. Estates change. The property that you once had may no longer be owned by you. Relationships change. You may now be closer to a certain person today than you were ten years ago. Persons that you named in your will may die or your relationship with that person may have become estranged. You should make it a point to meet with your attorney on a regular basis to update your will.