COVID-19 & Increasing Health Coverage Costs

With the COVID-19 crisis forcing us to stay indoors, now is a good time to check your health coverage. For example, if you have traditional Medicare without a supplement, you are at a greater risk of incurring high medical expenses or not having care due to the cost.

The last thing you want to worry about if you become seriously ill is how your medical bills will be paid. But unfortunately, healthcare workers throughout the country are sharing heartbreaking stories about patients who spent their final moments concerned about paying for coronavirus treatments.

CNN recently interviewed Derrick Smith, a nurse anesthetist treating COVID-19 patients in New York. According to Smith, the last words one of his patients said before being placed on a ventilator was, “Who's going to pay for it?"

Speaking about how he was affected by the patient, Smith said, “I was very sad and honestly, a little horrified. This demonstrates that we have a profound failure when one has to worry about their finances when they're dealing with much bigger issues that have to do with life or death.”

To read Smith’s full interview, please click here.

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