My Spouse Will Settle… Do I Need to Worry About These Divorce Papers?

My Spouse Says She Will Settle…Do I Need To Worry About All Of These Divorce Papers?

My mother had a wise saying, “Don’t listen to what people say. Watch what they do”. I meet with many potential clients that have been served divorce pleadings. Some of those potential clients believe that they and their spouses will or have settled the legal issues contained in the court papers. Sometimes, the parties do have an agreement but, many times this is due to wishful thinking or a misunderstanding.

Regardless of what is said or what you believe, you must be very careful to comply with all court documents and orders. You should read them, understand them and do what they tell you to do. If that agreement is not in proper written form, assume you have no settlement. You should continue to prepare your case to make sure you are adequately prepared for any deadline set by the court or hearing.

Deadlines and court dates don’t just automatically delay because one party thinks the matter is settled.

If you have a settlement, make sure that it is put in writing. I can’t tell you the number of people that think they have a verbal agreement with their spouse only to find out themselves fighting it out on those very same issues the next day in court with little to no preparation or find themselves violating a court deadline.

If you are unsure about what written documents are required, you should consult an experienced divorce attorney.

-Kent S. DeJean