What Do I Do If I Left Off A Succession Asset?

Piggy bank and coinsHeirs and legatees are required to file a detailed descriptive list with the court in a succession. A detailed descriptive list itemizes all debts and assets of the person that has died as listed on the Death Certificate under oath. Although heirs and legatees should make every effort to present to the court an accurate list of assets, key assets can be left off by mistake.

Heirs or legatees may discover real estate or bank accounts belonging to the decedent after a Judgment of Possession is rendered.

If assets are discovered after a Judgment of Possession is rendered, it will be necessary to file a Supplemental Petition for Possession along with a Supplemental Detailed Descriptive List itemizing the missing asset(s). After permission is granted by the court, a Supplemental Judgment of Possession can be rendered by the court to add the additional asset.

If you have any questions concerning successions, contact an experienced estate attorney.

Kent S. DeJean