Why is an Elder Law Attorney Different?

Elder law is a practice devoted specifically to the needs of a particular demographic of client as opposed to a particular area of law. All elder law clients have similar needs. Elder law attorneys must be knowledgeable of laws concerning life care planning, long-term care planning, health care, power of attorneys,  advanced medical directive, living will, estate planning and administration, trust administration, asset preservation and protection trust, tax planning, knowledge of financial products, government benefits, and elder abuse. Elder law attorneys take a holistic approach to addressing client’s concerns by focusing on the problem to be solved instead of just one particular area of law.  Why is an elder law attorney different? You might think in terms of focus of the practice. If  you are elderly and in need of assistance with one or more of the areas of law noted above, an elder law attorney’s practice is dedicated to counseling clients in those areas of the law and will likely be more knowledgeable about the necessary approach to meet your planning needs.