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Roger Thomas
an independent business man has had Losavio&DeJean setup four LLC's for his various business ventures, and relies heavily on Pete Losavio's legal and personal advice.
Emily Adams
a retired Insurance Claims Auditor, travelling through life without a plan until she meant attorneys, Losavio&DeJean; she is now protected from the government's plan for her finances.
Bennie Adams
retired college professor attended the Senior Seminar after his wife coerced him. Now he is happy to say his assets are protected and he learned a lot from the seminar.
Sam Daquanno
a retired business man, who's Medicaid approval help him tremendously. For his family it save them financially and for him personally it gave him "peace of mind".
Glinda David
motivated to save her father financially, Glinda David highly recommends Losavio & DeJean to handle all Medicaid, Medicare, and nursing home facility needs. Peace of Mind goes a long way and she has it now know her loved ones are taken care of.
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